Hello! I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Emotion & Self Control Lab in the Psychology department of the University of Michigan. I completed my PhD in the Environmental Neuroscience Lab at the University of Chicago. I am interested in how the physical environment influences cognition, emotions, and behavior, and the mechanisms of these effects. Specifically, I focus on the influence of natural environments (and natural stimuli in urban environments). I combine experimental psychology methods with spatial data science in my research.

Current Projects

  • what people think about while visiting natural environments
  • the relationship between thought content and visual features
  • how interactions with the physical and social environment influence crime

Broader Impacts

In an effort to help city-dwellers experience natural stimuli on their daily lives, I co-developed a web-app called ReTUNE which generates ‘restorative’ walking routes which account for greenspace, noise levels and crime. The app currently works for the Hyde Park/Kenwood/Woodlawn area of Chicago and is in the process of being expanded.

Open Science

Check out my Open Science Framework page for shared stimuli, datasets, and analysis code!